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Space Weather and Europe -
an Educational Tool with the Sun

IHYUniversität Greifswaldesa
Observatoire ParisSternwarte Greifswald
IEP SASUNI Szczecinski
TurkyCentro de Astrofisica
UNI LatviensisSeibersdorf
Austria Resurch Center

First European Space Weather & Earth Environment Technology Fair

19 - 21 November 2007
Greifswald - Germany

Space weather is described as conditions on the sun and in the solar wind. Space weather effects technological systems and electronics in space and on ground, such as satellites, satellite navigation, aircraft, railways, cars, mobile phones, power lines, pipelines and computers. Space weather impacts on global warming and terrestrial weather are also discussed. This first European Space Weather & Earth Environment Technology Fair is funded by the European Commission as part of the SWEETS project (

The goal of this fair is to bring together experts from industry, scientific institutes, and the public in order to enhance the awareness of space weather effects and to discuss appropriate countermeasures.

The fair will take place during the European Science Week. It will be opened by an attractive public space weather forum for politicians, representatives from industry, institutions and media in Schwerin.